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Can I use your curriculum as a stand-alone, or do I need to supplement with other curriculums?

This is entirely up to you! It really depends on your homeschool style and what goals you would like to accomplish for the year. Our Preschool curriculum works wonderfully on its own in regards to helping students learn letter recognition, beginning letter formation, phonetic sounds, and giving students a wide range of experiential learning. Our Kinder-1st Grade curriculum is all comprehensive and covers a wide range of Common Core Standards across all subjects. However, this curriculum is less of a “How To” curriculum, and more of a “Learn by Doing” curriculum. In other words, we do not teach students how to do math or how to read, but we provide an extensive number of opportunities to practice arithmetic, language arts, and other subjects in a variety of different ways to spark joy and interest in your young learner.


Our curriculum can very well stand on its own and cover a large base of learning objectives. It would also be a wonderful compliment to other curriculums that hone in on the "how to" of particular subjects. However you choose to shape your learning experience, we are confident our curriculum will provide students with countless opportunities to put what they are learning into practice in an experiential and meaningful way.

Which curriculum?

Each child is different. Some three-year-olds might be avid readers while some five-year-olds might still be learning basic phonetic sounds. There is no rush to learning. Take your time and follow the child's pace and lead. Just because a child is five going on six, doesn’t necessarily mean you should jump into the Kinder-1st Grade curriculum. The best way to know which one to buy is not by age, but by which level they’re at.


Our Preschool curriculum is designed to take students on an experiential journey through the alphabet. Each lesson focuses on letter recognition, letter formation, and phonetic sounds. The curriculum is packed with hands-on activities and sensory-based exploration and play. If your learner has not yet mastered their understanding of the alphabet (recognizing letters, sounds, and beginning to write), we would recommend starting here! However, if your learner has a base knowledge of letters and their sounds, and has started to attempt writing skills (even imperfectly), they are ready to move on to the Kinder-1st Grade curriculum.


Our Kinder | 1st Grade curriculum covers learning objectives with the assumption that children have a basic understanding of numbers (counting 1-100, simple addition, sequencing, categorizing, etc.), and literacy skills (following simple directions, basic reading comprehension, letter formation, etc.). The material is packed with hands-on activities, STEM-based projects, and opportunities to practice Common Core Standards. If your child is already at this level, or seems ready to be introduced to it, we recommend going for the Kinder-1st Grade curriculum!

What ages are your materials intended for?

Our resources are geared for children ranging from ages 3-7.

Can I use your curriculum even though we do not homeschool?

Absolutely. Our curriculum provides intentional activities for you to do with your learner, whether you find yourself working full time, staying at home or somewhere in between.

I want to start a co-op but don't know how. Any suggestions?

Yes, find at least one like-minded friend and start there. Get your kids together. We plan to offer a Co-op curriculum in the future. Until then, one idea is to have each family purchase the curriculum, switch off teaching through the main lessons, and use the Expand It! lessons at home for extended learning. We'd love to help you get your co-op started by providing a group discount on the curriculum you plan to use, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Are you a Heartland Charter School vendor?

Yes! For families who are with Heartland Charter, you can use your school funding towards any of our materials. Simply place an order as you would normally do through Procurify, and specify "other" for vendor. Input all the information about your order, and you'll be good to go!

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