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Our curriculums cover a multitude of learning objectives through experiential lessons. With the groundwork already laid for you, we have made learning alongside your student easy, purposeful, and fun. 


Our character shop offers gentle, relatable, and easy-to-understand materials to help your learner practice empathy, self-regulation, friendship skills, and allyship. With simple and engaging prompts, we have created a loving and comfortable way for you to have safe conversations about meaningful topics.

Incorporating elements such as food, customs, and traditions from around the world, students are given the unique experience of seeing what life is like in other countries and cultures.



We offer a Preschool | TK and Kinder | 1st Grade curriculum, covering a multitude of learning objectives through play-based, project-focused, and hands-on activities. Within each lesson, we’ve incorporated science, math, literacy, fine and gross motor skills, nature, art, practical life skills, and more. Full of rich and engaging content, our curriculum will help bring learning to life in your home.


Aristotle once said, "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." At Little Village, we are all about educating the heart. Our character building materials give children tools to foster development in kindness, empathy, inclusivity, and more. With each conversation and interaction we help shape the kind of people they will become.  


Hop aboard a plane to fly to another land or take a journey somewhere close to learn about a new country, culture, and/or group of people! Our around-the-world materials will take you and your learner on an adventure to explore and appreciate the richness found in others' traditions, customs, and ways of life. 


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