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Children come alive by being outdoors.

It awakens their minds, centers their hearts,

and gives them depth of soul.

Botanical gardens

San Luis Obispo

This little group of explorers went on a nature scavenger hunt at the SLO Botanical Gardens. We found beautiful flowers, discovered new plants, and admired some amazing trees. Then we made our way to the Children’s Garden where their imaginations soared in the sandbox.


preserve trailhead


It was a stunningly golden hike at the Three Bridges Oaks Preserve. Can’t wait to come back in the spring, when the creek is flowing and the wildflowers are blooming. So thankful for the changing seasons.




Morro Bay

Another sweet nature day with this group of explorers. Finding crabs, discovering new colors, investigating seeds, and enjoying the crisp air of this magical place we call home.



Los Osos

The tide was so high and the skies were so clear. The air was crisp, the babies were happy, and this crew was in their element. We searched for nature treasures, then filled our egg cartons with tiny perfect things.

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