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Little Village Learning Collective exists to build up the whole child by providing hands-on experiences, fostering heart-centered teaching, and developing a lifelong love for learning.


Little Village began in 2017 on the central coast of California, when I was graced by the friendship of a group of moms who were passionate about connecting with their children in the early years of learning. We shared a desire to preserve our children's natural wonder and curiosity, while simultaneously creating space for more focused learning. Our passion and desire to intentionally raise excited learners and grow kind hearts banded us together on an unexpected journey. In the fall, our first co-op was born.

The group graciously put their trust in me to write our curriculum and teach our kids. I was undoubtedly in my wheelhouse. The joy of teaching and coming up with lessons that sparked an eagerness to learn for these little ones was beyond life-giving. As time went on, this new found love and passion became the driving force to creating a way for you to experience the same magic of learning in your homes.

Now, reaching beyond our local "village", we hope to inspire and equip you to bring learning to life in a similar way. Our materials will help create a learning experience that is rich in content and will bring meaningful connection between you, your learner, and the world. We can't wait to journey with you!


Ali & Trevor


We are the wife and husband duo that runs Little Village! Ali is the founder, creator, and content developer that runs the ship while Trev is the director of operations, craftsman, editor, and behind-the-scenes guy that keeps us moving forward. We love getting to be a small part of your village. 

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Dearest friend who also became family, she helped get Little Village off the ground in 2020. Our first web and graphic designer, she is the reason why everyone raves about the simple, clean, and beautiful aesthetics of our brand and products.

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Illustrator behind our Dear Friend activity book and Character and Empathy Cards, she has a way of beautifully capturing our vision and ideas. helping us create meaningful products with gentle, warm, and friendly illustrations that children can easily relate to.

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Fellow child development enthusiast, adoptive mama, and friend, she offers many great ideas and brings current research to the table. She is also the illustrator behind our Hygge at Home Winter Box and future Spring, Summer, and Fall Boxes. 

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