A set of 26 cards with rounded corners, printed on thick card stock paper, and packaged in a canvas drawstring bag with our logo.


One of our greatest privileges as grown ups is the ability to positively influence the ever changing character of our young learners. With each book, conversation, and interaction we help shape and mold the kind of people they will become. 


Our Character Cards are complete with illustrations, prompts, and practical application ideas. Use these cards at the breakfast table to start your day discussing topics such as: bravery, forgiveness, and empathy. Or in the afternoon over tea and a treat, introduce a character theme you'd like to hone in on for the week. They can also be used as meaningful decor in your nursery or playroom! However you choose to incorporate these, we hope they give you opportunities to weave these 26 admirable characteristics into your discussions and day-to-day lives. Building character is perhaps one of the most powerful things we can do to invest in this next generation.


We collaborated with our friend and talented illustrator Milica, from Kubem Studio, to bring our vision for these Character Cards to life! Check out her work at:

Character Cards

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