Every year, on April 22, more than a billion people come together to celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day to appreciate this amazing planet which we call home, and remember our commitment to keep it a thriving place for us all to live. Teaching the next generation about the effects of pollution, deforestation, and climate change is not only about growing their understanding of the environment, but it’s also an opportunity to grow their love and respect for nature and all living things that make this planet both livable and beautiful.


What's Included: 

  • A themed book list
  • Planet Earth activity--Learn about the three components that make our planet a special place to call home - air to breathe, oceans of water, and beautifully diverse life. Create an art project of the earth using pieces of nature.

  • Protect Our Air activity--Do a hands-on experiment to learn about our carbon footprint and take a family quiz to determine how big your family’s carbon footprint is. Then play a matching game and learn how to protect our planet along the way.

  • Protect Our Oceans activity--Learn about the ways that our oceans are being harmed by the pollution we put into it. Do a science experiment to observe how pollution has long-term effects on our water and the world.

  • Protect Our Species activity--The theme for this year’s Earth Day: protect our species. Learn about five species, from the small honey bee to the great Amazon Rainforest, and why they need our help to be saved from extinction. Then make an Earth Day poster of what you learned and choose an idea or two from our family activity guide to celebrate altogether.


Suitable for children ages 4-8 

Earth Day Printables

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