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meet the fam

Ali is the Founder and Content Developer for Little Village. Her background in Child Development and years of experience as a teacher, parent educator, and behavior specialist have contributed to her passion for creative, wholesome, and content-rich learning. She is an empath, a lover of children's books, and enjoys scouting secret nature spots on the central coast.


Trev is the Director of Operations and Craftsman behind Little Village. His experience in entrepreneurship and small business has helped bring this company to life and continues to widen its reach. He is an avid reader, a lover of history, and enjoys a good woodworking project for our kids to enjoy.


Naomi, our oldest, is the reason we started homeschooling all those years ago. She was the first to test all the lessons and products, making sure that each one is quality-checked and kid-approved.


Noah, aka brother, inspires our products to be equally engaging for wiggly learners and active bodies, making sure our lessons are well-balanced and enjoyed by a variety of different learning styles.


Shiloh, our youngest, prompted many of our curriculum’s inclusive lessons, which welcomes foster, adoptive, and different abled children into the conversation as well as into the curriculum. Representation matters, and she is our greatest reminder of that.

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