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Jumping back into the first day of school can bring about a mix of emotions: excited, nervous, confident, unsure, and everything in between. Whether your learner is homeschooling or heading into the classroom, our Back-to-School bundle will help prepare little hearts and minds for a great school year ahead!


What's Included:

  • A themed book list
  • First Day Pendants--Fuel your learner’s excitement with a First Day Pendant, decorated with colorful string and flowing ribbon! 
  • “TODAY I WILL” Chart + Visual Cue Cards--Set up your learner’s day with structure and predictability. Use the chart and cue cards to help your learner know what to expect each day. 
  • Morning Affirmations --Encourage your learner with positive and powerful words to start each day. Trace or color in the Morning Affirmations and hang in a place where your learner will see it each day. 
  • All About Me Poster--Help capture this specific moment in time by recording your learner’s favorite things, goal for the year, and documenting how they write their name, age, and draw a picture of themself.


Suitable for children ages 4-8 

Back to School

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