For Black History month, we thought it fitting to learn about and be inspired by people of color through hearing their stories and unique contributions to the world in their areas of expertise, profession, passion, and talent. We often hear of and honor more well-known life stories, but there are countless more whose resiliency, perseverance, and character are worthy of our recognition and admiration. May our celebration of the Black community and their impactful contributions to society go beyond just this month, and be something we weave into our day-to-day learning for the long haul.


What's Included: 

  • A book list of over 25 books about people of color and their inspiring life stories, all of which are written by Black authors
  • Do's and Dont's of teaching Black History
  • A vocabulary list of words (with kid-friendly definitions) and corresponding DIY flash cards for words such as prejudice, racism, peace, justice, and more
  • Five inspirational reflection printables 


Suitable for children ages 4-8 

Black History Month Printables

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