A set of 16 cards with rounded corners, printed in color on thick card stock, and packaged in a canvas drawstring bag with our Little Village logo.


One of our greatest privileges as parents is the ability to positively influence the character of our children. Similarly, we have the unique opportunity to foster a healthy awareness and development of their social and emotional health and well being.


Our Empathy Cards include soft, welcoming, inclusive illustrations of 14 emotions commonly experienced by young children. On the back of each card there are three conversation starters: “What does this emotion look like” (in both facial expression and body language), “What does this emotion feel like” (an opportunity to remember a time when they felt this way), and “How can you empathize when someone else feels this way” (how to come alongside others, no matter what they are feeling).


We are passionate about prioritizing children's social-emotional well being and mental health. We hope these cards provide countless opportunities to foster conversations in your homes.

Empathy Cards

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