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One of the best ways to grow emotional intelligence and increase emotional wellness is to grow in our ability to honestly talk about our feelings and express ourselves in healthy ways. In this bundle, you will find opportunities to help your learner identify and connect with their emotions in three unique ways: through color, art, and movement. Use this guide to bring about connection, spark meaningful conversations, and provide gentle opportunities to discuss feelings in your home.


What's Included:

  • Feelings Through Colors --

Learn how different colors can represent different feelings. Then create a Feelings Scale to use throughout the day for regular check-ins.

  • Feelings Through Art --

Use art to explore how more than one feeling can be experienced in any given moment, and experiment with different shapes and lines to express emotions on paper.

  • Feelings Through Movement --

Using movement cards and playful prompts, move your body in different ways to mimic different emotions.


Suitable for children ages 3-7

Feelings Matter

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