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Autumn is a time to slow down from the summer hustle, reintegrate into school and family rhythms, and enjoy how nature changes so beautifully with the changing of the season. In our Hello Autumn bundle, you will have a chance to enjoy the slowness of this season by experiencing a hands-on science project, creating beautiful nature crafts, making homemade cider, and reflecting on some lovely poetry with your learner.


What's Included:

  • Pumpkin Experiment--Observe what happens when you leave a part of a pumpkin in dirt, water, sitting on the counter, and in the freezer for twenty days! Journal your hypothesis, observations, and conclusion in this fun hands-on science experiment about decay.

  • Homemade Apple Cider--Go apple picking, head to your local farmers market, or find the best varieties at your neighborhood grocery store! Follow the recipe for homemade cider, then sip a warm cozy cup with a good book.

  • Autumn Leaf Sun Catchers--Collect colorful fallen leaves and create an autumn leaf sun catcher with just contact paper and an embroidery hoop!

  • Fall Nature Garland--Gather all the things that remind you of Fall. Cinnamon sticks, acorns, cloves, apples, leaves. String them together and hang for a First Day of Autumn celebration!

  • An Autumn Poem--Read the poem “Leaves” by Elsie N. Brady and reflect on your favorite lines and words that are written.


Suitable for children ages 4-8 

Hello Autumn

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