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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to eat chocolates, bake treats, and do fun crafts! And we highly encourage all of it! But we also wanted to offer you something a little different. Something a little more intentional than just cupids to color in and hearts to cut out. Love is something we were made for. It’s what helps our world go round. So, in our Spread the Love bundle, we give you opportunities to talk about it; how to spread love to ourselves, to our family, our friends, and neighbors we know or may not know yet. We hope you enjoy extending your love far and wide this Valentine’s Day (and all the days that follow).


What's Included: 

  • A book list of 10+ books
  • Five Love Languages (for kids) activity 
  • Someone you love printable
  • What the World Needs Now is Love booklet 


Suitable for children ages 4-8 

Spread the Love

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