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As the devastating events in Ukraine unfold before our eyes, it is expected that many of our hearts would be feeling heavy with emotion during this time. And as we feel them, our children most likely feel them too. Let this be an opportunity to connect, to learn, and to teach. Rather than shy away from the topic of Ukraine, our hope is to provide you with developmentally appropriate, gentle, and child-friendly ways to enter into it. By learning about the country and its culture, we hope little minds will grow to appreciate greater parts of the world. By sharing the ways Ukraine is hurting and tangible ways to help, we hope little hearts will learn to empathize and enter into brokenness with kindness and love.


What's Included:

  • Map + Flag
  • Tour the Country with Colors - four iconic landmarks + art projects
  • Syrniki Recipe
  • What's Happening in Ukraine? - list of ways to help, conversation guide for grown-ups, hope garland


Ideal for ages 4-8+

We Stand With Ukraine

  • Upon purchasing this printable, a PDF version will be sent to you immediately. 

    All material is copyrighted by Little Village and no part of this material may be reproduced, sold, or redistributed in any format.

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